cp-e Top Mount Intercooler Kit + Shroud Titan Finish Mazda 3 MPS BL

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cp-e Core Top Mount Intercooler Kit w/ Shroud Titan Finish für Mazda 3 MPS BL 2010-
cp-e™ ΔCore™ Mazda Mazdaspeed3 Gen 2 Top Mount Intercooler Mazdaspeed TMIC

Dieser cp-e "Top Mount Intercooler" (TMIC) ersetzt den orig. Ladeluftkühler 1:1
Durch das größere Kühlernetz und den geschweißten Aufbau ist der TMIC in der Lage Temperaturspitzen besser abzudämpfen und hat einen geringeren Druckverlust gegenüber dem original Ladeluftkühler.
Besonders bei leistungsgesteigerten Motoren dringend empfohlen!

- inkl. Montagematerial & Umrandung (Shroud) im Titan Finish!
- ohne Zulassung!

Top mount intercoolers have become one of the most popular bolt-ons for the MZR DISIengines.  cp-e™ set out to design the best.

The biggest restriction of the stock Mazdaspeed3 Gen 2 TMIC is the outlet.  Knowing this, cp-e™ alleviated these restrictions through a casting design with a smooth flowing unshrouded outlet.  Both endtanksare completely cast to help flow in and out of the core while providing consistency.  The core of the cp-e™ Mazdaspeed3 Gen 2 TMIC is made of bar and plate for its pressure efficiency and its cooling capabilities.  The 3.25” thick core alleviates pressure drop while not interfering with the hood or surrounding components.  cp-e™ determined the maximum fin density to create the largest temperature drop across the core.  We have even capped every bolt hole location to prevent leaks that would normally go undetected by the consumer. The cp-e™ TMIC comes with 6061 billet CNC brackets machined to perfection on our 4 axis CNC machine.