ROKBLOKZ Mazda 3 MPS BL Rally Mud Flaps

Art.Nr.: S3-0-BLK-RED

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ROKBLOKZ Mazda 3 MPS BL 09- Rally Mud Flaps
- Black Flaps + Red Logo
- Rallye Schmutzfängerset 4 Tlg. inkl. Montagematerial
- sehr robust
- ver. Farbkombinationen auf Anfrage lieferbar!

Rokblokz Mazda 3, Speed3 rally mud flaps are CNC laser cut from a proprietary material specifically designed to endure the harshest environments.

The unique blend of polymers in our mud flaps give them the specific characteristics that make them highly effective at protecting your car.

Specifically the combination of extreme durability, flexibility, light weight, and rigidity that all come together to allow the flaps to extend out from the fender's edge enough to be effective. That allow them to hold their shape at speed and block the most damaging kind of tire spray. That allow them to bend, flex, give, and even scrape and drag without breakage. That allow these things to happen in the harshest environments of extreme heat to extreme cold.


Each RokBlokz mud flap set for the 2010-2013 Mazda 3, Speed3 comes with 4 flaps, stainless steel mounting hardware, and instructions to fit factory hole locations.

*Requires drilling out 2 factory rivets in the rear fender liner on each side.*

Fits: 2010-2013 Mazda3 sedan or hatchback, 2010-13 Mazda Speed3.

RokBlokz mud flaps are available in BLACK, RED, or WHITE



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