Hersteller: JAPSPEED

JAPSPEED Downpipe für Mitsubishi EVO X

Art.Nr.: JS-449

Hersteller: JAPSPEED

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JAPSPEED Downpipe für Mitsubishi EVO X / 10 4B11T 2007-2016

- 3" Edelstahl Downpipe mit Turbo-Outlet
- mehr Leistung & Drehmoment
- mit original Anschluß auf 65mm
- ohne TÜV-Zulassung!

Our Mitsubishi Evo 10 Turbo Elbow Downpipe replaces the standard restrictive downpipe and turbo elbow with a stainless steel, high flow one-piece item that bolts directly to the standard turbo. Replacing the restrictive OEM pipes allows the exhaust gasses to exit the turbo faster and flow much more freely, increasing the power output of the engine; and reducing turbo lag.


Manufactured from T304 stainless steel
TIG welded, CNC machined flanges
Built in flexi joint
Includes lambda boss for OEM lambda (O2) sensor